Seek First Part – 1

Psalms 90:12 ——- Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

“Life is short.”

You hear it all the time.

You hear it all the time despite all our attempts to look young, stay young, and never grow up, and despite our over-realized sense of national invincibility. The ticking clock, the greying hair, the growing children, and the changing times all remind us that our lives are blinkingly brief.

Our time on this planet is finite and we all have to leave this planet at a God designated time.

The psalmist pleads with God, if not to wind back the hands of time, then at least to reverse some of the more deflating and discouraging effects of human mortality: the burdensome sense that a mortal life is without purpose; the debilitating sense that nothing we do matters, because death comes for all; the horrible fear that there is nothing that can satisfy or give joy.

The psalmist asks for wisdom so that we are able to use our God-given resources to further the Kingdom of God.

Our life is given by God.  What we do with it depends entirely on the choices and decisions we make.  We can take this life and waste it away on foolish things or we can invest it for the kingdom of God. We are given the freedom to live it as we want.

Our natural human nature is corrupted; we are always attracted to things of this world. But we need to put in a lot of effort to teach ourselves God’s way. For example, we may use our Smartphone to call another person, but with working knowledge of the applications on that phone, we can also do our banking, pay our bills, write emails, WhatsApp our family, play music and games etc. All we need is working knowledge of the Smartphone.

Similarly with the Bible – when we spend time and study the Word, it contains working knowledge on how to make choices in our life which will further the Kingdom of God. It also contains information on what will be our future if we decide to disobey the Word of God.  We can live a fruitful life on this earth only by using the applications from the Bible.

But the final choice is only ours!!!!

Only one life, It will soon be past; Only what’s done for Christ will last

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