Seek First Part – 8

When we come to God, if we are to hear His voice, we can only connect to Him reliably through our spirit. But the problem is, we are so used to our soul speaking that it takes a quietening of the soul in order to have direct and untamed, unaffected connection to God through our spirit.

We need to have a free phone connection to heaven, free from the noise and disturbance and restlessness and self-will of the soul. That’s why God says in His Word: Be STILL and know that I AM GOD (Psalm 46:10).

The Word of God, when reading with an attentive heart, eager to learn, becomes active in us and powerfully separates what is the soul and what is of the spirit. It quiets the soul and brings the spirit to the forefront. This way we start the process of quieting the soul, so the spirit can be the prime thing through which we operate in our time of prayer.

We need to give up relying and trusting our soul and start relying on the spirit of God and His word, communicated to our spirit man. We need to let God do a takeover operation and take over our soul so that our soul is under the influence of our spirit and God’s spirit, not the other way around.

It says in the Scripture that the carnal man cannot understand the things of the spirit (1Corinthians2:14). So, if we still live from the carnal self, the flesh, our soul not surrendered to God, we cannot hear God’s voice, because we cannot understand it. The same way, if we come to God in prayer and we do not deal with the noise of the soul, and it’s will, wants, ambitions, plans and schemes and quiet it down in surrender to God, we cannot connect reliably with God through our spirit to hear His voice on a consistent basis.

All this time all we thought of is what we can get from God but He wants us to seek Him. Our focus has been wrong; we have only been seeking things. Now we must learn to seek God and His righteousness even if it means crucifying ourselves giving ourselves completely to Him

ThankYou Lord for teaching us that when we draw ourselves to You, You draw yourself to us. When we search for You with all our heart, You have promised that we will surely find You. Father, help us to develop our faith so that we can please you at all moments of our life. Even though we say You are God, we have failed multiple times to give You the first place in our life.

We thank and praise You for teaching us all these truths. Help us, O mighty God, to put all these teachings into practice in our life. We thank You and we praise You for this wonderful teaching through which we will make the corresponding action. We thank and praise You in Jesus’ name, amen.


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