Severe Psychiatric case healed 100% through the Word of God

Dear Bro Alred,

I am writing to you in detail about my uncle…

My moms brother age 57, is a psychiatric case, but he is not abnormal, once in a year or twice a year his behaviour would change, he would talk loudly etc, but after correct dose on tabs, he would be normal, and act as a normal person……In the month of November, he was given an overdose of tablets by doctors in panjim, and it had a very bad impact on him….he stopped talking,gradually he stopped recognising, and one fine day he just stopped eating……3 days he didnt eat or drink even water and went into a coma, he was taken to Hospicio, where they put a pipe in his nose and sent him home, so that we could put some food thro the pipe….My mother did this for 2days, but on the 3rd day, he unconsciously removed the pipe.

All our relatives,friends and neighbours came to visit him, thinking he would colapse and die in a day or two….My mother said its a hopeless case, as he would just keep removing the pipe un-consciously and its better to keep him at home and see what happens….after removing the pipe, he cudnt give him any food o water as he was not even opening his eyes.two days went by and it was the same situation….my mother and we would pray, but our prayers were different then the prayer on concerning worry n fear…..I used to say this, but just once or twice a day.

I called up Bro Alred and asked him as to what to do at this time, he told me to say the prayer on Worry n Fear atleast 30times and put the CD on near him. We immediately brot a MP3 player and played the Cd on Mind Body and Soul, we played it in the night at around 9:30pm, it was on for 15mins and we saw him opening his eyes and looking from where the sound is coming from…..We put it off coz we were going to sleep, next day again we played it, and i sat to say the prayer along with it, it was on for about 30 mins,and i had completed 7times on this prayer on worry n fear, by the end of this, my uncle got up, sat, went and ate 6bananas from the table, had a bread..i was shocked, i called everyone from the house and we gave him a juice and he drank that too……..

This is the effect of the Prayers and the CD it had on my uncle…..I Thank Bro Johnson and his Ministry for giving us the Word of God and teaching us how to apply it in our lives.

Flavia Martins


Flavia Martins

Quepem, GOA

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