Stronger in the Lord Part – 3

The scripture states “I am the LORD who heals you” (Exodus 15: 26).                   
We read in the Book of Psalms, “the LORD who heals all your diseases“(Psalms 103:2 – 3).
God is your physician. The medicine He prescribes is his Holy Word(Psalm 107:20).                 

God’s Word has the directions for our cure. We must follow the directions for the medication that God has prescribed to us for the life and health of our body. We honour God as the great physician by taking His medicine, the Word of God. When we continue to spend time meditating on God’s Word, our mind is renewed.

But we must take His healing word in our mouth and speak it, because faith has something to say (2Corinthians4:13). We need to take our prescription daily or more frequently till we receive cure. Do not neglect His healing prescription for you.

When we start speaking the Word of God the devil will try his very best to stop us from doing so. But these scriptures can only help us if we renew our mind.

Angeline a young woman was suffering from an incurable disease, and she was to die a torturous death. She came to listen to the Word of God. I spoke to her and asked her what was wrong. Her physical condition was beyond the scope of medical science – incessant bleeding throughout the day and night, low haemoglobin and the stark reality that medical science had no cure for her condition. She could barely walk.

She was at the end of her wits and was ready to do anything for Jesus.  I told her to run from one end of the hall to other in faith that Jesus heals. With tears in her eyes she obediently runs. Is it easy for a person who cannot walk to run around a hall?  Her blind obedience to God is enough for Jesus to touch her. Next thing we see, she is slain in the Spirit.

She goes back home and plays that same Word in her mind and fights against the sickness. On the tenth day she gets worse but clings on to the promises of God. When she wakes up the next day, she is completely healed!

She could fight this because she believed in the promise of God. The physical evidence said you will not recover, but she refused to believe that and chose to believe that God’s Word is the medicine that heals. She received a revelation from God. Her life changed!

When we get a revelation from God through His Word, no matter how many years we were captive, the Word will destroy the work of the devil. Angeline and myself and so many others are living testimonies of Power in the Word of God. One must only BELIEVE.

“What we believe in our heart, we must declare with our mouth.” 

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