Surrendering to Gods Plan Part – 1

What is important in our Christian life is that once we recognise God’s will we must surrender everything into His hands. It looked foolish when I got Gods calling to close down my factory. It was not easy to shut down something that gave me constant income.

Do not think about doing this yourself because this move could be devastating if God has not called you for it. In my case it was Gods call that was increasing and on the other side it was my business also increasing which is why God told me to close down the factory.

When I took the step of faith doing God’s Word, today I am thankful for depending on Him. My factory could have been successful or it could have failed, but the souls that I have saved have increased and multiplied. At that time it looked foolish, but that total surrender made life beautiful, there is so much of joy to see so many lives changed.

At the time, I was only teaching in India after His calling He opened doors for me to go worldwide. When I surrendered to God everything was taken care of and I love this life with Jesus.

My wife was unaware that I closed down the factory because this was the time when she left me because of my self-righteousness. What the devil made for evil, God used it to get His purpose done, it looked to a bystander that I lost my family and business but God gave me the business of saving souls and got my family back as well.

When we surrender to Gods plan we may look foolish but the more we are a doer of the Word of God, the more we are selfless and it will open up our future.

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