Surrendering to Gods Plan Part – 2

It is important to get into a deeper relationship with God through His Word by living it.

We may be a Christian on our way to heaven but we are not a follower or even a disciple of Jesus until we surrender our life to Him. Repentance does not mean to change your life; it means to change your mind. As a Christian to be blessed by God and led by the Spirit we must not only think about His Word, recognise His Will or even understand His purpose, to be a follower, we must be a servant and surrender to His will.

Many times it so happens when there is a retreat it starts with a praise and worship, but I cannot sing because I disturb everybody. So back in the day at night I put earphones into my ears and began to sing. My wife came running from the bedroom asking me why I was screaming at night while I was trying to sing. My wife told me singing was not my gift.

That night my dreams were shattered and I went off to sleep, the following Sunday I was asked to preach in a place. I was given one and half hours to do so, after about 30 minutes my mind blanked completely. This was a place where there were not many Christians, and the Lord told me to sing. So I began to sing, the advantage was that these people did not know the original tune so whatever I sang they accepted. There were a few who knew the song and with their help I dragged along but to my surprise I saw so many healings happening.

Yes, if there was a singing competition I would not even qualify but God fulfilled my desire. I polished my gift of preaching but I always liked to sing. Now after getting a laptop I am able to play songs on repeat and get the crowd to sing while I also join in. God fulfilled my desire but in His way and it still gets the job done.

We must surrender our will to God.

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