Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak Part – 1

Truly O Lord you are teaching us every day and it challenges us to change our thinking and brings out a transformation in or life. Today you have got something new for us to learn. We want to thank you Lord for through your Word our soul is prospering every day. Your Word which is a seed is sprouting in our soul and bringing about change, they have become matured trees bearing fruit. We can hear wonderful testimonies of you O Lord which are building others and showing them the way we have learnt the truth through you.


We thank You that You are teaching us the Word, we only go to you where all good things come. Teach us your ways so that we can practise it and have a great future in our lives. We thank and praise You in Jesus’ Name, amen.


James 1:18

Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.


It was Gods’ will, His desire, His own love, by which he gave us this life, He adopted us in His family, this adoption, and this new creation is through the Word of truth.


When this truth is proclaimed and we received it by faith, the Word says we should be the first fruits of his creatures. For example, if a company comes up with a new product they make the first samples and based on that they get their business. We are the first fruits of his creatures; we are the samples that God has created that looking at us the others will be drawn to God and their lives will be changed.


We are the new creation; God’s own life is poured into us so that we can establish his kingdom. God has made us his ambassadors, he has poured his love inside of us so that through this love we will be able to go and pour it in the lives of others.


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