Testimony of a Miraculous Delivery!

Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

God had once again blessed my womb. We were very happy though the gap between my first baby and the second was 8 years.

We chose a hospital which was close to our house. In the 1st month I was asked to do few blood tests. The doctors found that I had high thyroid & was asked to take tablets for nine months. The dosage was high, I prayed over the tablets every day confessing this is God’s blood & body.

I used to attend the Saturday prayer meetings regularly, Aunty Clara and Sister Maggi prayed over me & told me not to worry & that the thyroid had no place in my body. The next month when we repeated the tests the counts had dropped down drastically to 0.71 (in every situation I praised & thanked God). In my 4th month the doctor told me to get a few more blood tests, which was supposed to be down in my 2nd or 3rd month which the doctor had forgotten. This test was important for me as I am 35 years old, the reports were not looking very good, along with my reports & scan they looked worst. I underwent a scan for 45 mins and was told that they were not able to read the baby’s heartbeat. There was a liquid around the brains and the baby could be born with Down syndrome & Edward’s syndrome. The chances were very high. I was shattered and didn’t know what to do.

 I called up Sis Maggi who in turn told me to get in touch with Dr. Leena. She prayed over me and told me not to worry. It happened on a Saturday & I attended the prayer meeting that evening. The entire JCILM Family prayed for me & my baby. My in laws decided to take me to a better doctor. This new doctor told me to go to a better place for scan. The reports were the same and they then asked me to under go a test called “invasive test”.

I was already in my 23rd week, ideally it should have been done before the 22nd week as the risk of miscarriage is high.

The enemy kept filling my mind with doubts and fear, however I didn’t buy any of those words. I really did not want to go for this test but because I know that MY HEAVENLY FATHER HAS BLESSED ME WITH A NORMAL ANOINTED CHILD. There was a lot of pressure from my husband & my in laws to under go this test. Again I spoke to Dr. Leena and she told me to not worry and everything will be fine. I was sitting in the hall confessing out loudly the word concerning “Worry and Fear” from the white book. I was hoping to speak with Br Johnson. The angels took my thoughts to Dr. Leena & she had spoken about my situation to Br Johnson. I then got a call from Brother. I jumped out of my seat with joy as I received his called. He had holy anger & asked me -What are you feeding ur child? Just few rosaries and white book prayers, I answered.

He said this is not enough & he told me to plug my ears hear the word of God 24/7. I had promised to do this and it happened just before I could go for my test. Before I went in, I called up the heavens to back me up. The needle was very very long since it had to go through my stomach and reach my baby’s sack. They took the liquid from the sack for 4 different tests & more than 4 to 5 times. The entire processes was very painful & the chances of miscarriage were high. After the test the doctor said the risk of miscarriage had come down. The only good news was that I did not have to take bed rest but could go about doing my daily duties. The results were out after a week, the battle was tough but I didn’t give up.

I started writing my testimony even before I got my results. I drew a new picture of the brain and had a beautiful vision of a baby picture made (Habakkuk 2:2). A fair baby with colored eyes and dimpled cheeks. I had written down how my baby should be & stuck the pictures in my house (bed room & kitchen). The results were out & and the enemy was kicked out with it. Jesus had won my battle. This was my 1st report, few more were yet to come & I knew for sure the results were are all perfect and normal. I continued to pray and listen to Br Johnson’s CD and praise and worship songs. I almost saw the testimony in the JCILM group.

In my 9th month I had high diabetes. I had to take four injections per day, due to the diabetes the doctor advised me to undergo a C-section. On the 17th of August, 2016 we were blessed with a healthy, normal, anointed baby doll. My baby has little brown eyes, dimple on her chin & she is fair too.

When we came home I was going through her reports and it said there was a loop around her neck (cord).

If it were a normal delivery things would have been worst because of the cord. God knows the best for us, his plans are much better than our plans.

I thank you Jesus for brining me to JCILM group and I thank each and every member of JCILM family for praying for me and my baby.

This is the fourth time I’m writing my testimony. The first time I wrote, my laptop’s battery was fully dead. Second time with great difficulty I typed it on my laptop and sent it to Blanca, it didn’t reach her. I asked my friend to write it for me, since I didn’t have my laptop & my mobile was of no use. She was busy with her her work however at last by Gods grace I was able to write. All glory to God alone. 


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