Testimony of a serious LUMP disappearing – Mohan’s healing (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Thank and praise our Lord Jesus.
Dear Brother,
Firstly let me introduce myself to you. I hope you would recall and remember the mother and daughter you called to the stage. I am Nirmala from Colombo. My daughter and I are always there at your Retreats and in one of them you called my daughter and me to the stage saying ‘ they are my trophies in Colombo’. Many miracles have taken place in my life after getting closer to the Lord and learning His word.
I want to share this miracle which happened on the 13th of April.

My daughter and I are presently living in Colombo after my mum’s passing to take care of my dad.

My husband, Mohan, works in Abu Dhabi and a week ago while talking to him he told me that he had felt a lump on the right side on his ribs and it was causing pain on pressing and a doctor had asked him to see a surgeon and do a check. I told him not to worry about it but to praise and thank the Lord and see the surgeon. Soon after speaking to him I prayed to our Lord Jesus and said ‘Thank you Jesus and I praise you for healing Mohan, I do not care what the Dr. has to say but I believe in your word’. In Rom.10 : 10 you say ‘ For one who believes with the heart and so he justifies and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved’. You also say Lord in Mark 11 :24 ‘So I tell you what ever you ask in prayer believe that you have received and it will be yours’.My Loving Father it is your word and Thank you Jesus and Praise you Jesus. I said this many times.

My husband saw the surgeon and who checked him. The doctor found a lump on his right side and even put my husband’s finger on it to show him. My husband checked his left side and thought he felt something but the doctor said this is something different. He asked my husband about his appetite and whether he had lost weight etc. The doctor seemed to think it was something serious. He wanted my husband to get an X ray and test his blood and urine. I sent him a message asking him to thank and praise the Lord because he has already healed you there is nothing and go on saying I am the body of Christ Satan you have no power over me and thank and praise the Lord!
I too was saying satan you get out in the name of Jesus from Mohan’s body he is the body of Christ and you have no power over him.
All tests were done and the Xray done the same day did not show anything and the doctor said it was not clear and wanted a scan of the right lower chest done.

The doctor suspected something serious. The night before Mohan went for the scan I prayed with him on Skype and told him to repeat these words with me. Jesus forgive me for all my sins which I have done with my knowledge and without my knowledge, thank you Jesus praise you Jesus for healing me. I am the body of Christ, satan you have no power over me, satan get out from my body in the name of Jesus. satan get out from my family in the name of Jesus you have no power over me. Thank you Father thank you Jesus thank you Holy Spirit.
Mark 11 :24 So I tell you whatever you ask in prayer believe that you have received and it will be yours so I believe with my heart there is nothing in the Scan.

We said the family Rosary together on Skype and thanked Mother Mary for interceding for us. I was all the time going through the scriptures of the bible and thanking and praising the Lord. I know my Lord had already done what was needed. I was confident as I believe and trust in the word of our Lord. Next day he went for the Scan. I told him to think of Jesus in the room and thank and praise Him. I told my friends too to thank and praise the Lord and I also thanked and praise the Lord and offered a holy hour at that time.

I received a call from Mohan saying that the doctor could not find any lump. The doctor had asked my husband to show the place but my husband found it difficult to find the lump but he put his finger there and the doctor scanned again but was sure and said he can’t find anything. The blood and urine reports too were normal and the pain is also gone. I thank and praise our Lord from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful miracle as we had put our trust in Him.

My husband said he had gone through a very difficult time during those few days. We shall continue thanking and praising Him all the days of our life because He is a loving God .I must thank you very much for helping us to understand the Lord’s word and bringing us closer to Him. My daughter and I used to read the scriptures at night, write verses and passages on paper and memorize them. This helped us build up our faith and trust and begin a strong personal relationship with the Lord.

Brother, thank you once again for the way you helped us in getting to know the Lord and His word. I must end by thanking our Lord Jesus once again for this blessing and healing.
God Bless

Nirmala from Colombo

Sri Lanka

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