Testimony of GOD (Disciple of GOD)

Mark 1:17 – Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

While returning back to Bangalore from Goa youth fest 2014, I was so happy to meet God’s people from JCILM Bangalore and I wanted to keep in touch with them. So I created a WhatsApp group called “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back” and added all whom I met from Bangalore in that group.

I created this group just to keep in touch with these people of God. But God’s plan was totally different with respect to this WhatsApp group. He choose this group for interceding as one spiritual family and to pray for those who really need our prayer.

We started with 12 people in this group and started praying at 8 O’clock every morning for half an hour from wherever we were in one spirit for that day’s petition and prayer request. We started seeing the results of our prayer and heard people miraculously being healed in the name of Jesus. This group has now increased to 111 people from different places and backgrounds gathered together in one accord and praying every single day morning and evening at 8 O’clock for those who need our prayer.

I still remember, my first Bible study started on my return journey in the train from Goa and Brother Marty prophesied in my life that I have been called to be a fisher of men and I will be preaching pretty soon. It did not take too long for this prophesy to come true. When I attended Goa Youth Fest for the second time this May 2015, God gave me an opportunity to preach his word on the very pulpit that I encountered him and on that day the presence of God just hovered in that place and many children, youngsters, young adults and elders gave up their old life and surrendered to Jesus. God used me as an instrument to anoint many to come out of their smoking and alcohol addiction.

What a mighty God we serve. All praise and Glory to you alone O Lord.

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