Testimony of getting an admission for higher studies in USA

As I share with you my testimony, I hope that it will help you strengthen your faith and believe in the wonders that the Lord can do in your life.

A year and a half back, August 2007 to be exact, I came to Dubai as a fresh graduate not really knowing what I wanted to do in my life. I came to Dubai as my family is settled here. I am a graduate in the health sciences field, and I started applying for jobs as soon as I got here. Sadly I could find hardly any jobs in my line, and even if I did, they required experience, which I did not have. Months passed by and I was still jobless, apart from that my visa was about to expire. I was tired and my confidence had reached the rock bottom. Thankfully, 5 months later I landed a job at a local university, only to lose it in the next 5 month’s time. Soon after, I took up a job in administration (completely out of my line) mainly because my visa was going to be cancelled again and I had to get another job. As soon as I joined everyone kept asking me why I’d made such a drastic change in my line. They told me I was wasting my life & education.

I always harbored the desire to continue my studies abroad but to be honest, I never believed that I could be one of those students who would get a scholarship in a university abroad (I had to get a scholarship, as there is no way I would be able to afford foreign study) and also I had no clue of how to go about it. I used to gather information from my friends and as soon as I got a job in January, I began looking at foreign universities. My first choice was Australia, I spent a lot of time & money checking out colleges there and applying for scholarships, but it was not fruitful. I did not get trough any of the scholarships and if I wished to study there I would have to pay the tuition. Again I was quite depressed and kept wondering why everything I did was turning out to be useless.

Around that time I had attended my first retreat performed by brother Johnson. I have always been a good Christian, regularly attending mass etc., but this retreat was was special as it exposed me to the treasure we have in the scriptures and how the scriptures are alive and can work to accomplish the promises that God has in store for us. I believe I received an anointing there and my life is truly not the same. I was a broken person then but now am much stronger as my knowledge of the word is increasing.

By September- October I came to know that I had not made it through any of the scholarships I had applied to. So I decided to apply again, to universities in other countries and this time I did it by continually meditating on the word. I mainly used two scriptures: 2Cor 1:18-21 and Eph1: 8-9. I did not know how I would get through (also because it was nearing a year and a half since I’d passes out and I had almost zero experience) but I trusted that God would see me through.

During my third retreat in January, I had made a decision that I was not going to sit on the fence over being a Christian. I decided that I would make the leap from passive to active and I would make time to study the word and put my faith into action. I started making time to read & study at night&during my lunch break at work. In March, I had a telephonic interview with one of the universities which according to me didn’t go too well as they asked me some awful questions that I couldn’t really answer. All the same during the interview I kept saying the words ”Jesus Christ, You are the most High God” in my head. Bro. Johnson had taught us the implications of those words, of which I could remember only one ”He performs on your behalf”.

In April was my 4th retreat. On April 15th to be exact which was also the night after I told my mother I was going to resign from my job the next month ( I had no idea what I was going to do and had not heard from anyone, my mom was furious) I got a mail in the middle of the night (I had no real reason to be online either, was just googling arbitrary things) saying that my interview was ‘well received’ and that I was chosen as a scholarship student to one of the universities I had applied to. HALLELUJAH! All thanks to God!

I will be going to the United States soon, and I’m sure I’m going to face a lot more challenges there, but I’m not afraid, I believe the Lord is with me. Maybe God kept me here in Dubai for so long because He knew I needed some serious training so that I can handle what He has in store for me. Although it might appear that times are bad, I will take a leaf out of the story of Joseph ”Even in times of famine, your granaries will be full”. I look forward to increasing my knowledge of the word and practically applying the word to my daily routine. I leave you to ponder over the following verse: Matthew 6:33- “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you”.



Andrea Rodrigues

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