Testimony of God’s Healing Power

Praise the Lord!

My name is Rosario Oswald Saldanha. I am from Puttur, Mangalore. 

This is my testimony of how I was touched by prayers and healed by the grace of the Lord.

In the year 2014, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer after a tumor was removed from my bladder. We went ahead with the treatment which included cystoscopy once in every 3 months. The growth continued to appear over and over again and we had to get it removed through cystoscopy. The Doctor had advised removal of the bladder if the tumor continued to grow. In Dec 2014, I got an opportunity to attend Br. Johnson’s live in retreat in Goa. I got some relief after attending this retreat. I continued to attend Br. Johnson’s retreats in Bangalore. Simultaneously. I was going for my routine checkups and the tumor was not found to be growing. On 25th Sep, 2016 when I had attended Br’s. healing retreat in Bangalore he told me that I was healed. On Oct 29th 2016 when I had been for checkup my Doctor confirmed that I was healed and the tumor was not growing anymore. 

I AM HEALED!! Praise the Lord!!

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