Testimony of hands being restored back to it’s original length

My name is Jackson and this is my testimony.

On the 25th of September at Bro. Johnson’s monthly meeting, during the healing service he had asked us if anyone’s right or left hand is longer or shorter than the other and made us all do a small exercise to figure it out. 

To my surprise, I was the only one with this issue. My left hand was longer than the right. This was about 3/4″ inch. My wife Michelle, Dr. Leena, Aunty Lucy and also a few others were witness to this. He had called me on to the stage and also called a young girl named Karen to pray for me. She held my hand and started repeating the prayer that Bro. Johnson was saying. After praying once, we checked and found the difference was only 1/4″. 

Again Bro. Johnson prayed and asked me to check. This time, it was perfectly equal. PRAISE GOD! I didn’t even know about this issue and God had healed me. This made me realize that God heals us from the problem(s) which we are not even aware of. 

I couldn’t believe what just happened and checked my hands multiple times after that and they were perfectly equal.I tried this exercise on my mother, nephew and colleagues and found that they didn’t have this issue. This made me realize that I’m that special one on whom God worked this miracle.

All glory and praise to Jesus!

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