The Descent of the Holy Spirit Part – 2

The disciples have been with Jesus about two and one half years. They had heard Jesus’ incredible teaching. Yet they argued about who was superior. Why not? They were connected with the most significant man of their times.

The heart of the disciples was not beautiful. They were not lovely men on the inside at this point – selfish and self-centred. Jesus knew it and so He confronted them.

Mark 9: 33 – 34 —— Then He came to Capernaum. And when He was in the house He asked them, “What was it you disputed among yourselves on the road?”  But they kept silent, for on the road they had disputed among themselves who would be the greatest.

On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles in the form of tongues of fire. After that, we do not hear of any more quarrels between themselves.

The Holy Spirit taught them to love and forgive one another. They understood the truth and the powers in God’s Word and now were more interested in what they could do for others through that power.

The Holy Spirit is a helper, not the one in charge. We are the ones who must make a decision to allow ourselves to be lead by the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us if we have received the Holy Spirit, it teaches us to practise the Bible, to go and reach out to everyone.

The Holy Spirit is like a dove, meek and gentle in teaching us and leading us along God’s path.

The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus like a dove. All good and perfect gifts come from God above. If the anointing of the Holy Spirit is not backed up in teaching, there will be no change. We are weak but the helper in us is the one who makes us speak God’s Word. We can impart this gift of the Holy Spirit to others. The more we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit the more it will multiply.

The Holy Spirit is meek and mild in teaching us and leading us along God’s path. The Holy Spirit is not rough. The whole sphere of God’s truth is for each one of us, but the Holy Spirit will not guide us into all the truth in a single day, or in a week, or in a year, but step by step.

We must daily be taught by the Spirit to understand the Word.
We need, and we are absolutely dependent upon the Spirit all along the line. He must teach us how to speak as well as what to speak. His must be the power as well as the message.


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