The Descent of the Holy Spirit Part – 3

Today, the Holy Spirit lives inside a Christian forever. This is implied in the great promise of God (Heb. 8:7-13).

When Samson grew up the “Spirit of the LORD began to stir him” (Judges 13:24-25). However, Samson did not live a life pleasing to God and therefore the Holy Spirit left.

Before Pentecost, the Holy Spirit never lived inside a person all the time – continuously. The Holy Spirit did not remain permanently in a person until the New Testament. That is why Jesus said He was going to send the Holy Spirit (John 16:7). Something new was going to occur.

Isaiah 11:2 ——- The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

The Old Testament tells us that the Holy Spirit was to rest on Jesus during His ministry on this earth.  At this point, we could ask, “Why did the Holy Spirit need to rest on Him if He was God?” The answer is found in Philippians 2:7 where we are told that Jesus did not come to earth in His divine glory. In fact, He came as a human baby who had to physically and intellectually grow and increase in wisdom.

When the Holy Spirit came on Jesus the Holy Spirit remained with Him and for this reason, Jesus was never unqualified when it came to doing something for others. There was never a time when Jesus lacked resources when it came to helping others. The Father supplied everything and Jesus was and is always victorious. Jesus was in touch and moved by the Holy Spirit, and the Father always backed him.

In our lives how much contact do we have with the Holy Spirit? In our troubles, do we follow our emotions or the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit?

John the Baptist had a strong relationship with God and carried out God’s instruction till the end.

God gives us His instructions through the Word; it is only when we carry out those instructions will we see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The more we read and understand the Word, a day will come in which the Word speaks to us. When the Word sends us and we act on what the Word says then surely God will back us up.
God sent John the Baptist to baptise and that opened the door for the whole ministry. I never wanted to come to Goa, God sent me to Goa. I never wanted to go to Uganda; I kept delaying the trip for a year. When I saw God’s glory it amazed me, now I want to visit monthly. I am on a mission to reach out not only by reaching but by taking care of them.

When God sends us, He will surely back us up.

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