The Destructive Forces of Worry Part – 3

Isaiah 43:3——-For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Saviour; I gave Egypt for your ransom, Ethiopia and Seba in your place.

God is holy and there is nothing unholy in Him – He is our saviour. Do we really believe with corresponding action that He is our saviour?

Isaiah 43:18 —– “Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old.

When someone has unjustly hurt us or caused us pain, how many times do we remember it?  Most often for years we can recall even the smallest details. But God is not interested in our past; He does not want us to get hooked up on to our past. We have to let go of our past, because we cannot change it. God also requires us to let go of our past so that we can enjoy the great future He has prepared for us.

The person who invited me to Uganda was born deformed. Her mother threw her in the garbage bin soon after birth. A priest then picked up the baby and cared for her. For eighteen years she needed a wheelchair to move around. However this priest educated and encouraged her and today she is a neurosurgeon.

But deep within her, she was extremely angry and bitter about her rejection by her parents. The priest led her to Jesus and began to teach her about God’s love and forgiveness. He told her how much God loved her. “Even if your mother abandoned you, God will never leave you” he said to her. Then he introduced her to her birth mother. She was not only able to forgive her mother but today looks after her as well.

In her area poverty is extremely high and many parents cannot take care of their children. Girls are at a greater risk and often are pregnant even before the age of 15 years. Children are abandoned by their parents in fields and other isolated places. And this doctor has made a decision to serve Jesus and has taken it upon herself to look after these children.

If she had continued to be angry and bitter would she have been able to enjoy the great future God had prepared for her? NEVER! If we remain stuck in the past we will never be able to move into the blessed future.

She still cannot walk properly, her words are not clear but with all that she lives solely for Jesus. She received the love of Jesus and now goes from city to city as an evangelist preaching the love of God.

As long as you are living in this world, hurts will surely come but how we handle those hurts will determine our future.  God has created us in love, by love and for love. He never created us to carry hurt. When we do so we are infecting our self with poison. We not only destroy our physical body, but our mind as well. We then speak wrong words, and our relationships are distorted.

Right now is a new beginning.  The possibilities ahead are endless.  Be strong enough to let go, wise enough to move forward, diligent enough to work hard, and patient enough to know that God loves you and cares deeply enough to prepare a great future for you!

Life and God both have greater plans for you that don’t involve crying at night or believing that you’re broken

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