There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

I am Merlyn and this is my testimony.

One Saturday I was not feeling well since morning because of sudden change in the climate. Nevertheless I still went to college. After a few hours I fell sick. I had fever, body pain and felt very chilly. I still continued to stay in college as I did not want to miss my important classes. Once my classes were done, I had practice for which I had to stay. I stayed till the end of the practice and I left college at around 2:30pm.

As I was walking towards the bus stop my body pain increased, it was so terrible that I could not even stand or sit. I called my dad asking him to pick me up but unfortunately he was at a place far away from my college. I had to board an auto and I finally reached home. I had some food, took my medicines and slept. I woke up after 2 hours and still my fever persisted and this time it had increased significantly.

I then realized that I have the weapon with me to fight against this sickness as I know that I am already healed by the finished works of Jesus on the cross. I started confessing 1 Peter 2:23 ” By the stripes and wounds of Jesus I am healed”. This sickness has no authority over me and I could feel that relief in me. I started believing that I am already healed. My parents were scared thinking I was suffering from dengue but I knew already that I was healed. They took me to the hospital in the evening and the doctor suspected it to be viral fever and incase the fever did not reduce after a day then I had to do a blood test and check the platelet counts. My dad was scared after hearing it. I told him I will not get dengue as I am already healed. The next day I was as active and about as though nothing had happened and I did not have to get a blood test done. I was and I am completely healed. Truly the scriptures in the Bible work. When 1 scripture from the Bible can work then surely every scripture in the Bible will work. All glory and honor to Jesus. Praise God!

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