This is the Testimony of a lady named Mary Pratibha, who through persistence in her prayer, faith and continually confessing the scriptures experienced the Word of God become alive and active in her life.

The Lord has done amazing things in my life. There are so many to count, it’s a collection of miracles as it includes testimonies of my entire family. I can say from rags to riches in terms of financial status.

But this one is really interesting as it is is a self-experienced miracle.

It so happened that the team I worked for got dissolved. The team of about 100 or so was either asked to look out for other roles within the organization or was asked to leave the organization.

Being the crucial breadwinner for the family, I was definitely not happy and had to look out for another job. I didn’t have any option but to resign and then I would have to look out for another job or had to sit at home. It was important that when I leave this role I should have another job in hand in order to run the family.

I had to make a vital decision, however I did have some reservations in terms of not wanting to work in shifts as many of the roles within the organization were with shifts. I in fact was rejecting those roles because of the shifts. Many suggested quitting if I could not work in shifts – the enemy operating through negative voices!

It so happened that almost all of my team members either left or got a role within the company but just two of us were still struggling.

As the days came close to leave the organization, both my colleague and I didn’t get through anywhere instead we were handed over the PAPERS OF SETTLEMENT of the company!

I had no words to explain my situation at that moment of time but something in my heart was saying to stay calm and there would be a breakthrough for sure!

I used to only speak positive and keep myself calm and whenever there were negative voices and thoughts that came, I listened to the praise and worship songs which would calm me down and lead me to believe that my Lord is in control of everything including my Job!

And as the Scripture said, “This is the day the Lord has made!” there came a day when I got selected in a team with no shifts but just one shift with a double grade promotion!!

That’s when I became a living testimony and realized that I serve an awesome God who for sure will reward His Kids who put their trust in the Most High.

This was the Scripture that helped me hold myself rather falling into negativity and temptations..

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

In reality this was a second kind of it; I had a similar experience in the same department but again the Word of God always strengthened me to come out of all difficult moments! Praise be to my Lord Jesus Christ!


Stay blessed peace be with you and all God’s children.

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