This is the Testimony of a lady named Phoebe and how the Lord has showed up and worked wonders in her life multiple times through Faith in his Word and persistence in her prayers.

I had been to Mumbai last month and on my return I had a severe problem with my stomach and this carried on for a few weeks. I went and saw a doctor and the medication helped only temporarily. Then finally I decided to concentrate on the Word for my healing and kept saying “Jesus by your stripes my stomach problem is healed” and also said various scriptures on healing and Praise the Lord, I am completely healed.

I say the scripture “Concerning Worry and Fear” every morning or sometimes more than once a day and cover myself and my whole family with the Blood of Jesus and I can see how the Lord is taking care and guiding us.

A few more testimonies:

1.  I have got an extension of service for another one year.

2.  My sister in Australia who had leukemia and the doctors had given her 8 months to live is running the 13th year and she is in remission.

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