This is the Testimony of a young lady Savya based out of Bangalore and how the Lord fulfilled her heart’s deepest desire.

“I’m Savya and this is my little story of how God brought my dream to pass.

As a kid I always had this desire and love for the country Switzerland. I always wrote Switzerland is my most favorite country in all the slam books I filled in High School. Deep down in my heart, I had a desire to visit this place but I never really gave it much thought or did not have any plan, it remained at the back of my head. Let me give you a background of my workplace. The process I work for has never had anybody go on an assignment abroad ever in the past. In May 2015, I heard of an opportunity coming my way from the Clients in Zurich who were wanting me to visit them for a training. This came as a shocker, and came the many obstacles to stop this from happening. I saw with my own eyes of how the enemy was trying to stop this, embarrass me and insult me. One day as I was feeling so low, I sat by the lobby and there came my friend Samuel and I just rattled down all my worries to him and he said, “The Door the Lord opens, no man can Shut” – Revelation 3:8. I held on to this verse for a couple of weeks and every time the enemy came up with a new plan to put me down and snatch my blessing, I kept confessing this verse day and night. And on June 10th I got an email from my Manager saying please contact the travel team and raise a request. I went ahead with the formalities but I did not stop claiming. And on 25th July 2015 I went on this glorious trip to Zurich, Switzerland and spent 13 days there in the best hotel possible, visited so many places I never dreamt of. I stood in awe of God’s creation, it is the most beautiful place on earth, thanking the Lord spending time with HIM because it was just me and HIM, and I realized that GOD values our desires. No matter how big or small they are, HE values it and HE takes great pleasure to bring it to pass. Just claim your blessings.”

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