To Whom Do We Listen To Part – 4

Hosea 4:6 —— My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

What are the reasons people do not listen to God?

  1. They do not have a relationship with God and many people do not expect the Lord to speak to them. The messages of the world drown out God’s voice and they do not think God has ever spoken to them.
  2. Also, their minds are closed to His voice, they find themselves too busy, they may fear the message or a poor self-image causes them to doubt that God would speak to them.
  3. Sometimes people are angry with the Lord or have neglected to meditate on the Bible.
  4. Some people have a rebellious spirit or they are deceived by the sounds of the world.

I was born in a Catholic family, said the rosary daily and grew up receiving the sacraments but during all those years I did not communicate or have a relationship with God. It was done by force. When the rosary started so would my yawning.  The only fruits I had were those of the deceiver.

Listening to the deceiver got me into problems and trouble. So when Jesus seemed the only way out of my problems, I gave my heart to Him so that He could solve my problems. But when I gave my heart to Jesus He did heal me. I began to realise all the sins I committed. I sat for a long confession and God forgave me all of my sins. I was so overwhelmed I began to cry because all my sins were forgiven and completely erased with no punishment.

But I was sad because I could not understand the bible. I sat with the Bible and read and reread asking God to help me. One day as I sat down and started to read, the understanding came and things began to change. I got addicted to the Bible and that is when I developed a strong relationship with God. When that happened I began to hear His voice, I began to hear Him telling me what to do. When I started following Jesus my life changed for the better.

I never tried to give up drinking or give up going to the club but my relationship with God changed my desires and now my only desire was to know more about Him who had healed me. I did not realise when these desires disappeared. I got addicted to prayer, helping others and listening to God’s voice. All this happened when I developed a relationship with God.


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