To Whom Do We Listen To Part – 5

Jesus has died for all mankind and salvation is available to everyone. All we need to do is accept this gift.  In our lives, God loves and cares for us. He sends people to encourage us to have a relationship with Him. However, even though the invitation is given we need to accept this invitation to avail of this Grace. Most people do not accept this invitation when life is going well, but when things are bad they expect God to provide a solution to their problems.

Before I came to Jesus I was leading a bad life and this led me into problems and I lost my mind. I wanted to commit suicide. As I began to seek God and believe in His Word a change manifested within me. When the change began on the inside, the voice of the devil was suppressed by the power of God. The power of God began to teach me to overcome the external situations that put pressure on my life. Now this relationship was not by force but by love.

A newborn baby cries in the middle of the night demanding attention from the mother. It causes a lot of discomfort and sleep deprivation for the mother but it is well worth the effort because of the mother’s love for her child. It is all about the relationship. Similarly, salvation is open to everyone; because of God’s love for us, however, everyone is not ready to receive it because they reject the Gospel and therefore refuse to hear God’s voice. God surely speaks but they close their ears to His voice.

Many people do not expect God to speak to them. But God longs to communicate with His people. The Bible is filled with instances of God speaking to His people. We often hear the voice of Satan when we commit sin. When the devil spoke to Adam and Eve he wanted them to sin so he deceived them and they moved away from God. We get thoughts that are contradicting to God’s Word. This is the act the devil trying to draw out attention in that direction. It will start small and it will continue till our emotions are drawn in and we move into action according to his instructions.

In the same way, when we have the Word of God in us, the Holy Spirit will also communicate with us according to God’s Word. But to understand and recognize the communications of the Holy Spirit, we must know God’s Word. For example, If we want to use a software and it is not installed on the computer, we will not be able to play it. Similarly, the Holy Spirit looks for the knowledge of the Word in us and begins to give us inspiration. We have to feed ourselves with the Word of God; then the  Holy Spirit will give us insight and revelation through that Word!

It doesn’t seem so much a question of whether or not God is still speaking as it is whether or not we are willing to listen.

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