When God’s Word triumphs over our circumstances!

Praise God!
I am Priscilla Joseph aged 37 years. I have two daughters. I had the desire to have one more baby. My aunt Sis. Alice prayed over me and said that God is blessing your womb again. I conceived in the month of December. JCILM had arranged a 3 day retreat in Glorious Promise Land. I attended the retreat and then decided to attend the weekly meetings every Saturday which is conducted in Ascension church.

After the retreat when I went for check up, the doctor advised me to take rest because of internal bleeding. I shared this matter with Dr. Leena, she prayed over me and told me to spend more time with the Lord by confessing the scriptures and listen to Br. Johnson’s CD day and night. I started confessing (Psalms 97:7) (1Peter 2:24) ( Romans 8:31) and prayer “Concerning Worry and Fear”. This process went on for 2-3 months. When I decided to meet the doctor, the Holy Spirit reminded me to write my own report. So I wrote my own report that everything is normal. I kept it in my file and went for the check up. The Doctor gave me the report and my report was normal in the name of JESUS!

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