“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

I am Rita Teek 64 years old from Bangalore and I had been suffering from knee pain for more than thirty years. The pain only progressed from mild to very severe to the extent that I could not walk fast, sometimes the pain was so severe that I used to limp and literally drag myself and my walk became wobbly. I could not climb up and down the stairs. I started using the elevator even for one flight of stairs. If there was no choice but to climb the stairs, then I would climb one step at a time, i.e. put one foot first with the help of the railings and then drag the other foot slowly on to the same step.

About seven years ago, when I was suffering with pain in my left knee, I went to HOSMAT for consultation. The doctor upon examination declared that I will need knee replacement after five years.

On Monday, 11th of April 2016, I went to HOSMAT again due to severe pain, this time in the right knee. The doctor upon examination asked me to take an X-Ray of both the knees. On looking at the X-rays, he clearly told me that both the knees need replacement because there is no cartilage at all and due to that the bones will rub against one another and cause severe pain and the cost of the operation of both knees would be Rs.5 lacs with a private room facility. I was unhappy and fear gripped me. Then, I discussed with the doctor if there was an alternative. He told me that there are steroid injections costing Rs.15,000/- each knee and the effect could last for three months or three years. Then he told me to consult the family and fix a day for the operation. So I left the place quite saddened.

Then my daughter said that we must have another opinion. So through my sister-in-law’s recommendation we visited SAKRA Hospital on 16th April, 2016 and met the doctor along with my X-rays and he also suggested a surgery of both the knees. Then he suggested that SPARSH would be a better place for the surgery. So that same day we went to SPARSH and met the senior-most doctor and on seeing my X-rays, he suggested surgery for both the knees.  We returned home convinced that I have to undergo the surgery.  Our family members were informed and we were deciding to have the surgery by May end. My daughter in America booked her tickets to come to Bangalore with her children. My sister also booked her ticket to come down to Bangalore.

In the meantime I met my good friend, Alice Anthony, and informed her that I will be undergoing surgery for my knees. She immediately told me that I won’t undergo any surgery.  I was quite sceptical about it.  I was wondering what she was talking about when I have three doctors opinions. Anyway I just kept quite. Then one day Alice suggested that before the surgery to please attend Brother Johnson’s talk once. I did not agree immediately. I said I’ll see.  But the way Alice asked me I could not refuse her. So I agreed.

It was Sunday, 24th April 2016 that I went to Maria Niketan, D’Costa Layout just to see what good can come out of the talk. There Aliceintroduced me to Brother Johnson and explained my problem and informed him that I needed a surgery. Immediately Brother Johnson said that I will not undergo the surgery and that the Holy Spirit will perform the surgery on me that day. Then I brightened up with a hope that it might be true.

So during his talk, Brother Johnson announced my name and asked me to come up right before the audience. He said that he will not pray for my healing, but I must pray for my own healing. So he started prompting and I was repeating the prayer after him. I don’t remember the prayer, but when he said Amen, I could only hear him say “you are healed, your surgery is over”. Then he made me walk up and down the hall, then run, then jump, which I was unable to do before. I did not feel any pain in my knees. I was very happy but also perplexed. I was wondering if this could be true. I did struggle with this thought for two to three days, but Alice was always sending me very encouraging messages, lifting me up, telling me not to have any doubts about God’s healing and that the evil one will try to snatch it away from me. I started to believe my healing did take place and suddenly realised that I had no pain at all. I was able to walk straight, climb up and down the stairs and more than anything else I didn’t need those pain killers. I started believing more than ever before that I was totally healed. Then I started to give my testimony whenever I found an opportunity. People including my family started noticing my new way of walking, not wobbly any more. They were convinced that I was healed.  So my daughter and sister cancelled their tickets during second week of May. Now I can only praise and thank God for having sent His word and healed my pain. Praise you Lord, thank you Lord. Love you my Healer!!!!!

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